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Technology Solutions

TechneSolv is an all-inclusive technology solution provider for businesses and individuals. TechneSolv was founded by independent business owners who saw a need for a single point of contact to address IT needs within an organization. TechneSolv has strategically curated a team of highly skilled, highly experienced, and highly motivated professionals to handle all aspects of technology at the various levels of business enterprise.

Our marketing team is directed with degrees in promotion and data analytics. The marketing team specializes in designing and implementing branding concepts, advertisement strategies, and interactive consumer-focused outreach programs. Marketing professionals create digital and print media programs based on model testing and trained algorithms to ensure high ROI levels.

The technology team is directed by individuals with years of experience in the IT field. The technology team works with the marketing team to bring concepts to life using websites, web apps, digital marketing campaigns, and SAAS solutions custom-built by our own cloud engineers. IT infrastructure design, implementation, maintenance, and support is handled in-house by expert technicians.

The construction team handles the rough stuff. Our team has over 30 years of combined personnel experience in general contracting, fiber builds, pathway construction, security and surveillance, access control, and network installation. Whatever the project is, TechneSolv completes the job.

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